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The New poster of Stranger Things Season 3 will make you excited to watch the series

If you are a big fan of Stranger things season of Netflix then you must be excited about the upcoming Stranger Things season 3 rights? Yeah! Netflix is also celebrating the countdown to brand new adventures in Hawkins with some amazing and fresh posters with all your favorites.

No doubt the Stranger Things season 3 trailers  was just amazing where we can clearly watch the (Millie Bobby Brown) eleven fronts and center with her signature and nose. We also saw that both Mike and eleven were in front of the sign for the star court mall. These new things are creating excitement among fans and they are eagerly waiting for the release date.   
Obviously the new monstrous menace is also there which will definitely make this season more interesting. Many rats are also there according to the featured trailer in this new season which is definitely fun and brings loads of excitement.

New faces

In stranger things season 3, Maya Hawke will play Robin as the coworker of Steve in new mall in Hawkins at the ice cream parlor. You will also see Jake Busey (named as Bruce in character) as an eminent journalist and Cary Elwes as Mayor Kline. In this season the ice cream scoops Ahoy will definitely play a vital part in this series. Stranger Things season 3 casts seems very interesting hope they will give us enormous entertainment.

Is there any release date for Strange Things season 3?

Though it’s too late for the stranger things season lovers after season two but the good news is Netflix finally confirmed the Stranger Things season 3 release dates and it will debut on July 4. Just after the 1st January the streaming service of Netflix unveiled a fresh new poster with the premiere date. On that post you can mark the whole gang with firework display. After that many other Stranger Things season 3 posters are also unveiled with different theme with other characters.

Will there be a season 4?

No doubt Stranger things season 3 is going to be very interesting but you may have the question in your mind that will there be a season 4? As you know the season 3 came after a long wait but according to the Duffer brothers it seems that you will also get more seasons after 3 which is good news for fans. It’s always important to watch the series from the first episode because most of them are relevant to each other. In such case season 3 may create more excitement for you for the next reason.

Mysterious Episode titles can be a source of excitement

As you know Stranger Things is known as a secretive series it’s always create curiosity on any information about this series. The hype of Stranger Things is so much that people are so excited to watch this season. As 8 episodes are already declared in the order like

Suzie, Do You Copy?
The Mall Rats
The Case of the Missing Lifeguard
The Sauna Test
The Source
The Birthday
The Bite
The Battle of Starcourt

These title seems to be very mysterious and we many see big and new monsters in this season. Speculation says a lot but it’s true that everything will reveal in the time so we have to wait for the right time.

Overall new posters, new characters, mysterious episode name are such things which will make everyone excited to watch the most awaited Stranger Things season 3 on 4th July. Hope it will not disappoint its fans and entertain views up to their satisfaction.          

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