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Bollywood RK Studios Is Going To Be Sale

The Kapoor family's choice to auction the notable R.K Studios set in Chembur, Mumbai has left Bollywood 'grief stricken'. The sprawling historic point was manufactured 70 years back by veteran performer Raj Kapoor. It was accounted for that the family has by and large chosen to relinquish the property.

Responding to the same, veteran on-screen character Annu Kapoor, who shot 'two critical movies there' stated, "It's exceptionally disastrous since it's a famous place." Another yesteryear performer, Sachin Pilgaonkar, opened up about the same and stated, "I am certain there more likely than not been some motivation behind why they have chosen to make this stride. I can't state if the choice is correct or not since I am not at their position. I might simply want to state that the spots and studios with which various recollections are appended ought not be contacted."

Paltan star Arjun Rampal said he felt fortunate to have shot there various occasions. "It's up to the family to take the choice. It was a notable studio, regardless it is, and I trust it remains," he included.

Bollywood maker Mukesh Bhatt, then again, respected the Kapoor family's choice. "Change is a piece of life. We should welcome it. Release the old, let the new come," he noted. Many hit films including Barsaat, Awaara, Jagte Raho, Shree 420, Sangam, Bobby and Prem Rog were shot at the RK Studios. A year ago in September, a monstrous fire broke out at the studio, leaving a section gutted.

In September a year ago, a noteworthy fire broke out on the arrangements of a move reality appear, leaving a segment of the studio gutted. The Kapoor family has taken the intense choice of offering the two sections of land RK Studio 70 years after it was built up as it was not monetarily suitable to modify it after it was gutted down in a fire a year ago.

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