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Bollywood Never Dies- One Hundred Years of Cinema

Bollywood is the Indian Hindi language film industry which stands above other cinemas due to its enormous size than other national cinema. This film industry is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra which has now become one of the largest film industries and has largest audience from India. The short films were unveiled in 1895 which brought a new form of entertainment.

In 2017, total output of the Bollywood was 1986 feature films and is now being the largest film producer in the world.

The influence of the Bollywood is biggest on the nationalism in India and has influenced the Indian culture and society as well. Bollywood will never die because on the Indian society it has a socio-political impact. The industry has been flourishing and growing in the size and popularity. There are a lot of factors due to which the Bollywood has been growing from the past one hundred years. The affordability of the cinema is one of the factors which has made accessible to produce the films for those interested.

The cinema has been influencing the culture and life in India. Moreover, Bollywood has the various fashion trendsetters and has influenced the lives of the people. It is the cinema which is the medium to tell the story to large population of India. It has also influenced the masses overseas which has changed the perception of Indian cinema. Thus, the global influence of the Bollywood is really great which has influenced Hollywood and has employed people from all over the world.

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